Google My Business, A Forgotten SEO Tool

Make it happenEveryone knows SEO is vital to your companies success, but that is not just related to your website. One of the first things you should do with your company is to register for Google My Business. People see this all the time and never really realize what it is or what value it has to your business.

When you search on the map, you get the listing views, and then you can see the information about the company that is from Google My Business. Google My Business is what puts you on the map. Google is smart enough; it will find you eventually, but why wait? If you register for an account, they will send you a postcard to validate yourself, and then within a week, you can be listed instead of months later. If you are already listed, claim the business.

The tools from Google My Business are invaluable. Not only do you get the actual placement on the map, but there are tons of other benefits too! You can add your phone, email, contact, hours, and locations. Sure, that is the default stuff, but the forgotten things are the ones that can make the most difference. When you register for a Google My Business account, you can also add the services your business offers, the products you have, appointment links, photos, and reviews.

Overall, these are all great to work into your companies marketing strategy and overall goals. Everyone knows Google is the most valuable search engine, so take full advantage of it, don't leave it at just the stuff your website does. Of all the tools in SEO, Google My Business is hardly talked about because it is not directly connected to your site. What is the one feature that can put you over the top of your competitors? Google My Business allows you to add posts and articles, not links, but real posts. Why is this important? It is a search engine, and they value their content too. The more you can say about what you have, the better it can be.

Get started with Google My Business today and get your business on the map!