Picture of Google Search Engine Content Is Vital To Increase Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is so much more than picking the right keywords or meta descriptions. To increase search engine optimization, you need to produce excellent content. There are several reasons new material is excellent for SEO.

More Visitors To Your Site

Who doesn't want this? When you produce new content and publish it on your site, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., users will go to your website to get the new content. New content also helps focus on specific or time-sensitive topics. If you operate an association that is event-driven and you want to raise member engagement in those events, you should start publishing new content about things around that event. When a user opens content about how you can increase sales through x, and you wrap up the article with, learn more at our upcoming event, you will get more visitors and conversions.

Fresh Content Matters to SEO

Pages that have old content don't always rank very high in search engines. The first three results here are from the past year. Making fresh content does not mean you have to write brand new pages every week. You can create content in two ways. The first, write a blog and post new content. Blog posts don't have to be massive undertakings, but they should be helpful. The second, update your existing content; this is undoubtedly the less time consuming of the two. If you update your content it is considered fresh content by search engines, but you do need to update more than one sentence, the best is somewhere in the realm of 25% or more of the content.

increase member engagement photo showing first three results are in the last year

Decrease Your Bounce Rate

When you write content that is relevant to users, and they find interesting, they will spend more time on your site. The more time someone is on your website, the lower the bounce rate. What is the "bounce rate"? The bounce rate is the number of people who visit your site and leave after viewing only one page. Lowering your bounce rate is essential because it helps search engines identify if your site contained the relevant information the user wanted. Increasing the time a user spends on your site matters too. The longer someone is on your website, the more weight is given to that search result being relevant. Even videos can help that, if your video is something people want to watch, they will stay on your site longer too. Like the video, we put together for TheraVET in Mason; it provides a story, a problem, and a solution, which draws people to watch until the end. Watch the video here:

Publish At The Right Time

Recently, we completed an SEO audit for a local medical practice, and one of the critical factors in their results was when users were coming to the site. The time users visit your website has a few different impacts. In this case, the number of visitors between 2 pm on Friday until 7 am on Monday accounted for less traffic than that of Tuesday between 7 am and 7 pm over six months. Knowing this allows for two changes, publishing content on Tuesday to attract new visitors and adjusting the Google Ad Words campaign to run when it is most effective.

Grow Brand Loyalty With New Content

Having someone visit your site once to buy your product or service is excellent, but you want them coming back, especially if it is not an often purchased item. When you produce new blog posts, Facebook posts, Tweets, videos, or pictures, it is another opportunity to increase engagement and build loyalty to your business. The more information you offer your visitors, the more you can educate them about your company, tell them about specials, or help them in their daily lives. With each of those touch points, you have now kept your company at the forethought of their mind, and then when they need your services, they will remember you are there. With that, loyalty also comes authority. If you have thousands of visitors to your site weekly, your site is a stronger influence than someone who has one hundred visitors a week.

Submit It!

Some sites only get crawled automatically once every six months, and you spent time making all those updates, don't let it go unnoticed for that long.  Go to Google's Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools and submit your new page. These tools make providing a new page or updated content to search engines super easy, and it takes only minutes to do. Skipping this step can not only cause lost time but a total waste if your content is time sensitive.

To Increase Search Engine Optimization Takes Commitment

To get it all going, you have to do it all, and it takes time and planning. Producing new content is just part of the puzzle, but it is a major one. You have to refine and update keywords, descriptions, watch when people are most active on your site and how it compares to your industry, to truly create an effective search engine optimization strategy. There are plenty of tools out there to get you off the ground, and the main one is Google Analytics if you don't have it, you MUST get it. Here we take a seven-step approach to increase your search engine optimization.

  1. Audit - Completed with automated tools and manual review, our audits are entirely free, no hidden fees or commitments. Get yours today!
  2. Interview - We interview you to understand the message and talk with your clients to know how they got there.
  3. Keyword and Analytics Analysis - Pouring over analytics gives us insight into when and how people treat your site today.
  4. Implementation - Put it all in place and start seeing the results immediately.
  5. Submission - As noted above, you have to submit your changes or sit around and wait.
  6. Training - We can do the heavy lifting, but there are many things you have to do long term, and we show you how.
  7. Review and Iterate - As part of our SLA, we include quarterly SEO reviews to determine the next steps to increase your search engine optimization further.

As A Reminder

You do need to produce new content regularly, but don't sacrifice valuable content for new. Quality is just as influential as new content.