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Custom Development

Custom Development and API Integration

Your business is unique, and your solution should be too. Custom development starts at the business analysis and interview phase. It is in the first step where we work to determine if there is something that will fit your needs off the shelf, something that is open source that will get the basics out of the way, or if building your product from scratch is the right fit.

We accomplish by our deep dives in getting to know all the stakeholders and representatives from your team that can tell us how the product works or what the pain point is with the current product. Then we can dive in and start the plan and develop your custom solution.

We follow industry practices like Design Thinking, Brainwriting, Trigger Sessions, and System Analysis of As-Is and To-Be to uncover the pain points for all the stakeholders. While it takes time to complete these processes, it proves to save money later in not making products no one wants, or that doesn't solve the original issue.

Once we complete the initial stage, the outcome and the project become apparent. The precise definition of work enables our team to determine what is available and how we can best create the plan, even down to what programming languages are the most efficient.

More often than not, there is more than one system involved like Salesforce or iMIS, and you need that data from one place to another. Integration is how we solve this problem. You may have REST APIs already built or a microservice in another location; we work with those in place technologies to bridge the gap and remove the redundancies. Using Single-Sign-On can eliminate not only remembering passwords but makes your user's life even more accessible.

No matter if we are using PHP, Python, .Net, C#, Vue.js, or Angular.js we find not only works for us, but if you have an internal team, it needs to work for them too. Working with your internal developers makes the project a long term success for both of us. If you don't have an internal team, that's okay, too; we plan stability in all of our custom development. We always offer on-going support and maintenance for our projects after they go live.

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