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Search Engine Optimization Loves User ExperienceSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Good SEO starts with more than what keywords to use on what page, it begins with your design. If you start your website design with no consideration for SEO, you may as well not build it. All of this matters now because search engines are not just looking to see what keywords and page titles you use, but they also check if your site has a good user experience.

Our SEO Process

SEO Audit

We first start by auditing your current site. Our audit includes reviewing your keywords, meta descriptions, heading tags, and general content. The next step in the audit process is reviewing your user experience. A user experience audit includes checking to see if your site is mobile responsive, seamless navigation, and clear calls to action. The user experience is essential to the process as the longer a user stays on your site, the less your bounce rate, and the more Google will determine its results to that user are relevant.

Client Interview

For us to best understand how to get you out there for your clients, we must first understand your business. The client interview is these five questions:

  • Why are you here?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where is your target audience?
  • If you could tell your target audience one thing in less than 30 words, what would it be?
  • Are you ready to develop content consistently?

The last question is different than the others because without producing new content for your site, Google will eventually lower your rankings. Creating new content keeps your site fresh and your content relevant to your user base.

SEO Plan - Keyword and Analytics Analysis

If your site has Google Analytics or other reporting features, we dive headfirst into what the site is already showing. If you don't have analytics that is okay too. We will review whatever data points are available. We use those analytic results to start then to determine how your content is flowing and what keywords, meta descriptions, and others will be implemented.

SEO Implementation

The plan developed is then implemented. The method not only includes all the standard features of SEO like keywords but also updating your sites user experience if necessary. The implementation can take days or weeks, depending on the complexity of the tasks involved.


After implementation, your site is submitted to all the major search engines to have them re-index your content. Submission is a step that is easily missed and can cost you customers. When you launch a new site, or you overhaul your existing one, you must submit it to the search engines for re-indexing otherwise you will never know when they get back around to it.


After the process is complete, we train your staff to keep up the best practices for SEO. Several tasks are straightforward, like putting alt tags on your images, others are more complex. We walk through the whole process with your team.

Review and Iterate

As part of our Lightning Support package, we complete quarterly SEO audits and review the findings with your team. This step is continuous and allows us to make adjustments and updates to your site to work towards a better ranking. Also, it makes sure as the rules change your site changes with them.

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