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When and how to use social media to get more visitors, attract new leads, and get more business.

Increase Customer Engagement

What It Means To Increase Customer Engagement To increase customer engagement is about returning your customer to you, getting feedback to improve your company, and ultimately turning that customer into a brand loyal client. It is easy to dismiss your website and other digital channels as something you had to do, and not what it is; Your website is a salesperson. If you start to think about it as a salesperson, it will change your world, and these are just…

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Can Facebook Replace Your Website?

Can Facebook Replace Your Website? It takes less than five minutes to get started on Facebook, and it will cost you nothing. But can Facebook replace your website? In short, no. Facebook does not provide you the same benefits as a website does. Here are the seven things you lose when you don’t have a website. 1.) Branding You spent time thinking of a name, a logo, a color scheme, and many more things about your business; Facebook does not…

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