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Almost two-thirds of all users accessing the internet from home are doing it from a mobile device. - US Census Bureau. This statistic means if you don't have a mobile-ready/responsive website, you could be losing 66% of your business to someone else.

A mobile-ready, responsive website doesn't just mean that you can open your website from any device, it means it looks good, loads fast, and lets the user get to the information they want to as quickly as possible.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is the website flexing to fit the size regardless of the device you are using. The top three reasons this is so important are Improved Usability,  More Social Shares, and Less Duplicate Content. Having a user-friendly site keeps the user on the site longer. Since a user won't stay on a website that isn't mobile-friendly, they won't share it on their social media either. Google SEO does not appreciate duplicate content, making your site mobile responsive instead of two different places will not only remove duplicate content but no more duplicate effort either.

Getting an App

Having an app for your business makes it even easier for your users to get what they want. Users can click a button, no website URL, no trying to remember where or how they got to you, and you can incorporate features like geo-fencing, location services, device access, and even let them get information about you offline. Websites can add a home screen icon to your favorite mobile device without the need for the expensive app.

But now, running offline doesn't require you to have an app, even your website can be made to be available offline, and you don't have to worry about updating the app and your website, you can do it all at once.

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